I have twenty years experience of creating concept driven, bold, vibrant, illustrations for use in editorial, advertising and design. Drawings, prints, photocopies, icons, type, found ephemera and photography are digitally collaged together to create an image that answers the essence of the brief but in a subtle, creative manner.  

Culture, media, sport, business, finance, technology, investments, medicine, opinion, basically anything and everything that comes my way. I enjoy the challenge. Put the kettle on, make a brew and then draw, doodle, scamp, think, draw, thInk, collage, draw, source, collage and send.  

So, you want it yesterday? Three hour deadlines. Yep, three hours. From briefing to artwork. Yep, it can get a bit manic but nine times out of ten I'm really chuffed with the quality of the end result and not just the fact that there is an end result.

For UK enquiries call me on 0044 7973 866 739 or email gary@garyneill.com  

For enquiries outside the UK I am represented by the Anna Goodson Illustration Agency. Call 001 514 482 0488 or email sylvie@agoodson.com