I have been tinkering around with trying to animate my illustrations for quite a while now. Looking to get my head around After Effects has been tough and I felt I needed to try a different approach to get a body of animated work off the ground. So, I have been working with the talented to make the pesky things move how I imagined I'd be able to. After twenty years of working solo, I was a little nervous about collaborating with someone and how Griff would interpret the artworks that I gave to him but I have been delighted by how well he makes these move and how seamlessly he makes them work as loops. He has brought lots of lovely nuanced details to each piece and Iā€™m really excited about this potential new direction in my work. I suppose the next step is to now let the world know this is something I can offer in addition to an editorial illustration. I feel these could work really well on tablet versions of publications or in social media feeds to highlight a particular article so if you're an Art Director out there who is interested then give me a shout. The piece below is the most recent collaboration but you can find more over at the motion section of the site.